Project Description


TMAX 2500°C

It is designed for the heat treatment of products which necessary to remain-moveless and vertically positioned. Bell lift furnace body moves from a fixed bottom to up.



Bell lift furnace is a type of that furnace body moves from a fixed bottom to up. The furnace base remains stationary. The furnace body moves up and down. This movement is provided with railed sledges. It provides an ideal condition for the heat treatment of sensitive samples.

Especially, bell lift furnace can be preferred for the vertical and fragile samples which need to stop without moving constantly during heat treatment.
Also, bell lift furnace can be used for burn-out processes. Peripherally installed resistances create a more homogeneous heat distribution in the furnace. The products can be placed to base from all four sides of the furnace.

Bell lift furnace is very convenient and practical in terms of multi-part products. Furnaces in this mechanism can be manufactured by retort, atmosphere controlled etc. other features.


  • Programmable step controller via digital display

  • Observation of set and real temperature

  • Delayed start and program save feature

  • Temperature control via PID and ±1°C temperature display sensitivity

  • System protection for over temperature. Audio visual warning alarm

  • Temperature measurement via thermocouples

  • Error display in case a breakdown

  • Percentage of electrical energy consumption

  • Able to resume the program after the power failure

  • Heating on all side

  • Exhaust gas outlet connected to inner volume

  • High-quality insulated heating zone

  • Low energy consumption

  • Can be changed easily bottom plate

  • Automatic energy cut while moving lift opens and do not able to work unlessthe furnace body is closed

  • Manual air flowmeter and conditioner

  • Depending on time;
    Air feeding to inside and chimney opening and closing feature

  • Low external surface temperature (Ambient Temp. +40°C)
    thanks to double-layers steel construction

  • Epoxy painted galvanized-steel exterior

  • Height adjustable, non-slip rubber feet.


  • (DL) Data logger

  • (WG) Gas inlet

  • (F) Circulation fan

  • (PCC) PC Communication and Software

  • (PLC) PLC control and touch screen


  • Easy sample loading from four side and user-friendly usage

  • Very homogeneous heating via the environmental location of resistances

  • For very sensitive samples the heat treatment without shaking thanks to the fixed bottom

  • Easily changeable base plate without technical service


For the maximum life of the furnace and the longer use of the furnace equipment, we recommend that the heating rate of 10 °C/min should not exceeded. Flammable and explosive products must not be used in the furnace.

The features which are signed with a star (*) may get change or not available according to the change on process necessity, volume, temperature and furnace model. The dimensions of the products placed on the base should be well evaluated before each operation and placed in such a way that they do not hit the furnace.


Bell lift furnaces are manufactured in many different volumes up to 2500 °C continuous usage temperature. Please contact with us for more details.


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UP TO 3000°C