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TMAX 1700°C

Bridgman furnace is able to heat only the middle zone which consists of 3 zones. The reactor can be brought from the top or bottom up to the middle or up to end of the furnace, and it can also be retracted from the place where it is brought.



What is the Bridgman method?

The Bridgman method involves heating polycrystalline material in a container above its melting point and slowly cooling it from one end where a seed crystal is located. The melted material moves through a decreasing temperature gradient and forms a single crystal. MSE Bridgman furnace has vertically geometry and three zones. The middle zone of the Bridgman furnace is hot.

The reactor can be brought from the upper zone or bottom zone to the middle hot zone of the Bridgman furnace, and it can also be retracted from the place where it is brought.

The inner cabin of the Bridgman furnace consists of graphite insulations and graphite resistances. The sample dissolved in the graphite reactor can move to the cold zone at very slow speeds, whereby the crystal occurs.

In this method known as the Bridgman method, all parameters are adjusted by means of a touch panel. During the process, the reactor position, reactor speed, thermocouple temperatures, atmospheric pressure can be monitored and recorded on the Bridgman furnace monitor.


  • Able to set programmable temperature, time, adjustable elevator speed and position, display of cooling water temperature, PLC controller and touch screen, data save by USB connection feature and process details

  • Observation of set and real temperature

  • Delayed start and program save feature

  • Temperature control via PID and ±1°C temperature display sensitivity

  • System protection for over temperature. Audio visual warning alarm

  • Temperature measurement via thermocouples

  • Error display in case a breakdown

  • Percentage of electrical energy consumption

  • Heating on all side

  • Exhaust gas outlet connected to inner volume

  • Graphite insulation and graphite resistance

  • Graphite reactor

  • Low energy consumption

  • 10-1 mbar standard vacuum pump with the purpose of purge the air

  • Gas inlet and outlet

  • Lid, gas and vacuum sensitivity, cooling cabin temperature alarm

  • Adjustable gas flowmeter

  • Water cooled atmosphere cabin

  • Vertical design, 3 zones

  • Adjustable reactor speed 10-0,00001 mm/s

  • Auto power cut while the lid is opens

  • Low external surface temperature (Ambient Temp. +40°C)
    thanks to double-layers steel construction

  • Epoxy painted galvanized-steel exterior

  • Height adjustable, non-slip rubber feet.

  • Usage with standing

  • Reactor direction from top to down or from bottom to up


  • (DL) Data Logger

  • (MFC) Mass flow control

  • (AVS) Auto vacuum and sweeping cycle

  • (CH) Chiller

  • (ET) External temperature measurement from within the furnace

  • (PCC) PC Communication and Software


For the maximum life of the furnace and the longer use of the furnace equipment, we recommend that the heating rate of 10°C/min. But this furnace can provide faster than 10 °C/min heating and fast cooling. Flammable and explosive products must not be used in the furnace.

If there is oxygen in the furnace graphite materials will burn. Because of that if the furnace temperature is over 200 °C, the furnace lid must not be opened. The lid of the furnace is not suitable, to open at temperatures above 200 °C.

The flowmeter which is included the furnace is manual but also not high sensitivity. For the higher sensitive ones please get in touch. The hydrogen gas can be used inside the furnace. Please contact us for hydrogen gas usage. Gas, water source, furnace connections and connection equipment are to customers responsibility.

The vacuum pump is included in the system, for the purpose of purging the air. Vacuum pump doesn’t provide high vacuum condition. Please, you can contact us for high vacuum condition.


Bridgman / Single Crystal growth furnaces are manufactured in different volumes up to 1700°C continuous usage temperature. Please contact us for detailed information.


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UP TO 3000°C