Established in 2007, MSE Teknoloji engineering company is a local manufacturer that highly specialized in Research & Development and testing equipments. MSE Furnace is a trademark of MSE Teknoloji Ltd.

MSE Furnace operates in the field of manufacturing ceramic, plastic, metal and glass processing production devices and furnaces and also provides using training service to the customers during the installation of the devices.

Our devices that are manufactured without sacrificing quality are preferred for both Research & Development and industrial uses.

Unique devices are designed and manufactured by custom manufacturing. Apart from standard laboratory scaled products, customized pilot or industrial scaled devices and furnaces are manufactured for test centers and production lines of universities, defense industry and industrial enterprises.

From the quality of the material to the end product, all equipments are manufactured in accord with the ASME or EN norms, under the supervision of an accredited institution. Our highly customized systems matching the product design criteria submitted with CE, EN or ASME conformity certificates.


Our passion and drive is to keep MSE machines as productive as possible for as long as possible, that’s really what makes us different from the others. We supply with the best equipment and provide you with the best support through experienced people. Our passionate team understands your needs and offers the best solution for your processes by custom manufacturing.

Custom manufacturing process starts with the anaylsis of technical demands,purpose,utility,exploration and required standards of the customer. After completion of the project draft such as technical compliance,feasibility and choice of materials, detailed design process starts. At the end of an effective cooperation with our customer, manufacturing process is carried out in conformity with the design simulation and adoption of the technical needs.

The importance given for certification and quality control in every step of the manufacturing process guarantees superior functional reliability and highest productivity of all our machines.

The constant improvements in research and technical requirements as well as the need for the thermal processes to be more controlled have led to the emergence of a wide spectrum of furnace types and models. MSE produces several types of furnaces with different features designed to fit the thermal process needed by prioritizing the research expectations.The choice of refractory in our furnaces that are designed based on engineering calculations is made high above the usage temperature.

We use the optimum choice among the heating elements that have different chemical structures and production methods in order to maintain the appropriate thermal conditions in our furnaces. They are produced through a high-quality manufacturing process followed by a thermal calibration test before being delivered to our clients.

All our products are made in conformity with ISO 9001 quality standards. With references in highly respected and credible facilities, we aim to provide high-quality furnaces with the best value. Our furnaces are preferred by various sectors such as material,medical,ecological sciences,machining, engineering and manufacturing.


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UP TO 3000°C